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Areas of Focus/Initiatives

  • Capacity Building
  • Technical Assistance and Training
  • Interagency Collaboration
  • Education and Systems of Care; Legislation and Policy
  • Parent and Youth Development and Involvement

The Multiagency Network for Students with Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities (SEDNET) creates and facilitates a network of key stakeholders committed to assisting in the provision of a quality system of care for students with or at-risk of emotional and/or behavioral challenges.

Project Highlights

  • Region 5 has been working collaboratively with the City of Tarpon Springs to establish a resource library to expand trauma informed practices in the community using “Peace 4 Tarpon” as the vehicle. “Peace 4 Tarpon” utilizes a holistic approach to solve the City’s most challenging community issues. The City views issues through a trauma informed lens to understand and address the root causes of issues, not just the symptoms. The City of Tarpon Springs believes that a connected and trauma aware community is a healthy and resilient community. Their vision is to become a community where everyone is safe, educated, healthy, respected, and valued.
  • Region 7B is providing Youth Mental Health First Aid training. Training will be provided for both school and community members in Seminole and Brevard County.
  • Region 8B will be hosting a screening of the trauma informed care movie, Paper Tigers, in Glades County in September and will be holding other screenings throughout the year. Paper Tigers was filmed on the campus of Lincoln Alternative High School which is located in the rural community of Walla Walla, Washington. Paper Tigers asks the following questions: What does it mean to be a trauma-informed school? And how do you educate teens whose childhood experiences have left them with a brain and body ill-suited to learn?

Regional Map

Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma-Informed Care Wheel